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Top Herd

A few months ago I got a phone call to ask me to go and shoot Jerky for a new snack company called Top Herd.  I was more than a little concerned, I have to admit.  Dried meat snacks don't naturally lend themselves to pretty pictures, and I thought that making it look enticing could be a little on the challenging side, but I shouldn't have worried.    The ethos behind the brand is to create 100% natural jerky, with flavours like lime, chilli, sweet pickle, honey, paprika (… not all in the same stick, thankfully…) so I was given a free hand to use all the amazing flavours in the finished snack in the pictures themselves.  

+20 Sat_Pickle Lifestyle-9304

I can testify (through my extensive trying of the product throughout the shoot, especially when the client wasn't watching.. ) that these are so tasty & addictive that it's insane that they are also ridiculously healthy.  Perfecto.

+20 Sat_Honey & Mustard Lifestyle-9333

The nice people behind these snacks are offering my Blog readers a lovely big discount of 25% off if you quote LP25116 when ordering from their site:  Valid until end of Jan.

 If I were you I'd start with the Chilli & Lime, my personal favourite, and work your way through the whole range. Enjoy!


Bristol Rocks to the sound of the Bean

A big mug of Coffee is the perfect thing to get your Mojo back when you climb out of bed … maybe a pastry or two if you feeling in need of that sugar hit.  Now imagine a world where those two things were combined with dressing up in glitter and feathers and raving to some bangin' beats?  Welcome to Bristol, home of the the uber cool Extract Coffee Roasters, who at 7.30am this morning opened their Roastery doors and hosted a Rave fuelled by nothing but coffee and Cinnamon Buns.  If only every day could start like this.

Extract Coffee Rave 3-2Extract Coffee Rave 2-2

Extract Coffee Rave 1-2