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All entries published in June 2013

The art of cooking

I often get asked to photograph the process of turning raw food into cooked.  It’s a pleasure to see the chefs work their magic, turning ordinary ingredients into extraordinary dishes.  The way we cook our food tells a lot about who we are, and when you watch a really good chef work you see the dedication and artistry that goes into creating their dishes.

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing Michelin star chef Steve Shore as he created a series of dishes for fresh produce distributor, A.David.  These were my favourite images.

Stuffed courgette flowerscourgetteflower




Fillet of Mackerel


cooked mackerel


And breathe …

Last week was frantic, and the busier I got the more coffee I drank, and the more coffee I drank the faster I worked until the Wheels.  Came.  Off.

As much as I am one of Madame Caffeines greatest fans, there is a time and a place for less stressful drinks, and after a job shooting some lovely loose leaf teas I remembered the calming joys of Camomile.

And …. breathe!



Do pop-in to a pop-up …

There is a (not-so-new-anymore!) food craze sweeping the country – the Pop-Up restaurant.  This is the idea that a chef, or restaurant will take over a temporary venue for a night or two and cook up a storm for the lucky diners.  I love these, there is a sense of occasion and of being at something slightly underground and edgy that makes the food taste fresher and more seasonal purely by only being available for one or two nights.


I covered one last week in 40 Alfred Place in Bristol where the head chef was Tara from Tara’s Table, and the occasion was a fundraiser for the Prince’s Trust by Sanderson Recruitment.


The glorious Italian inspired menu was complemented by a very un-British evening of summer sun.  The plates were quite literally licked clean, and 40 diners went home feeling like for that night they had been part of the in-crowd.  Whats not to love?