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All entries published in February 2013

The early bird catches the croissant

I had a job yesterday that saw me climbing out of my warm bed at 5.30am, but I have to say that if there was ever an excellent reason for getting up this early, it is to visit the amazing open bakery that is “Hart’s Bakery” in Bristol.  This doughy heaven is under the arches beside Temple Meads station, and as you sit with your morning coffee and pastry you can watch Laura Hart, the baker, taking the fresh bread out of the steaming ovens and preparing all the dough for the next day.  The smell alone is worth setting an alarm clock for.


Happy Pancake Day

The commercialisation of Pancake Day is unbelievable now.  There has been milk, eggs and flour on the supermarket shelves for months now.

Happy Pancake Day for yesterday… I promise to give up lame jokes for Lent  x


A little toot on my own trumpet

It’s not a very British thing to do, but a little trumpet blowing on a cold Saturday afternoon is occasionally allowed?  Here are my favourite images from a recent shoot, and the clients happy testimonial.

“Thank you so much for sending the photos from our shoot last week so quickly. I’ve been through this process with other photographers but these are my favourite results by far! It’s true to say that you can give two people the same equipment and produce but the results they come up with can differ completely. You really do illustrate the point that photography is an art form, not just a recording of images. There are also different styles and so much variety within the pictures you’ve supplied which I’ll be able to use in different circumstances. Not only do I love the results but the day was relaxed and great fun too.”

Tara of Tara’s Table.



Pretty in Pink

As outrageously coloured food goes, forced rhubarb is up there in the definitive top ten.  Pink food on a grey day – blummin’ glorious.  And one of the best things I learnt this week was that this fabulous vegetable is picked by hand in candlelight so that absolutely no photosynthesis can take place, and it keeps its extraordinary colour.  Magical food deserves magical photographs.

This was my favourite picture from a set I did for a talented chef this week – her details can be found at

I’m still eating the tart she made during the shoot, a minute in the shutter a lifetime on the hips.  Just another little piece … what harm can it do …