Kirstie Young Photography

Kirstie Young is a Bristol photographer specialising in food in all it's diversities – from shooting magazine features & creating advertisements, to capturing natural looking portraits of chefs & covering prestigious culinary events, and everything in between.  She works both from her studio in North Bristol, and out on location in Bristol, Bath the Cotswolds and beyond.   Her background as a film maker influences her photography hugely, and her style is all about colour, composition and form. 

Kirstie shoots for editorial, commercial and private clients and welcomes commissions and assignments.

Recent clients include: The Telegraph, The Simple Things Magazine, Olive, Fabric, Crumbs Magazine,Ocean Spray, Thatchers Cider, Fox's Biscuits, Bradley's Juice, Ardens, Tenderstem Broccoli, Plenty Pies, Yeo Valley, 100 Acres, Fosters Events, Spice Tailor, Pam Lloyd PR, Silver Ball PR, Mango Design Consultancy, The Collaborators, Travelzoo, A.David, Romy's Restaurant, Copestick Murray, Welsh Pantry, Hart's Bakery, No131 Cheltenham, Birch Catering, Tara's Table, Generate London Architects, and The Lucky Onion group.

"I've been through this process with other photographers, but these are my favourite results by far! It's true to say you can give two people the same equipment and produce, but the results they come up with can differ completely.  You really do illustrate the point that photography is an art form" Tara Hofman, Tara's Table

"What a gorgeous job you’ve done. I couldn’t be more pleased. You have a lovely painterly way, they are very beautifully composed, and I love the way it looks like my kitchen still but through a kind of ‘lush kitchen’ filter! Really impressed and loved working with you" Lia Leendertz. Food and Garden writer.

 "The article looks really fantastic! You're a positive magician Kirstie!"  Jess Cook, Partner, Silver Ball PR

" I must say how impressed we were on the photographs you took, they really were most precise and captured the individual components beautifully" Steve Shore, A.David.

"Thank you again for the lovely photos, we are in the March edition of Olive- the picture looks great- we are really delighted! Thank you!" – Shop3Bistro

"These look great.. Just the ticket and perfect for what I was after. Thanks so much! " Anselm Guise, Elmore Court.

If you are looking for a Professional Food Photographer you can contact me on:

Mobile: +44 (0) 7973 685540


I look forward to talking to you.



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